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Educational Videos

Healing Circle: Domestic Violence, Divorce Stigmas & Mental Health Crises in the Muslim Community

As news of multiple tragic incidents of domestic violence that led to the loss of innocent life continues to spread in our community, many are left with anger, pain, and a feeling of helplessness. 

Dr. Rania Awaad, Ustaza Hosai Mojaddidi, Sr. Saha Jamshed and Sr. Noor Raheemullah from MWA, Maristan, NISA, & The Rahmah Foundation […]

Remembering our Bothers in Albuquerque: A Healing Circle

”Whoever kills one person, is as if they have killed all of humanity..” (Quran 5:32) This month we lost four beautiful souls fired by sectarian violence within our community. 10-13% of Muslims identify as Shia globally, and a minority within the 1% American Muslim population in America. Imam Khalid Latif, Shaykh Faiyez Jaffer, and Sr. […]

Learning Circle: Early Signs of Chronic Psychiatric Disorders

There is an estimated 14.2 million adults in the U.S. who have chronic psychiatric disorders (5.6% of American adults), with the highest rate amongst young adults ages 18-25 (National Institute of Mental Health, 2022). Only about half of patients with severe chronic psychiatric disorders receive treatment (NAMI, 2022).
 Unfortunately, mental illness, continues to be a […]

Pop-Up Healing Circle for the Earthquake in Turkey, Syria, and the surrounding regions

Dealing with secondary trauma is a major topic of discussion in our last pop-up healing circle, Healing in the Wake of the Devastating Earthquake. What does this mean and what effect does it have? In the wake of the devastating earthquake in Turkey, Syria and the surrounding regions, Maristan held a pop-up healing circle where […]

Substance Abuse Prevention in the Muslim Community: Learning Circle

Almost 21 million Americans have at least one addiction, yet only 10% of them receive treatment — Muslims are NOT immune. This Substance Abuse Prevention month, Maristan invited addiction experts, Dr. Ahmed Hassan, Clinician Scientist & Addiction Psychiatrist at Canada’s Center for Addiction & Mental Health, and Dr. Amer Rahemullah, Clinical Assistant Professor in Psychiatry […]

Suicide Prevention in the Muslim Community: Learning Circle

American Muslims have an increasingly high rate of suicide attempts (JAMA). This Suicide Response Awareness Month, Maristan had a Learning Circle around suicide prevention with Imam Magid, ADAMS center Imam, and Dr. Rania Awaad, Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences at Stanford. In this recording you will learn about early signs, how to […]