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Grounded in Islamic traditions, Maristan is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing holistic, mental and spiritual wellness through professional clinical care, education, and research. Our approach is inspired by the rich legacy of Islamic scholars’ contributions to the field of Ilm al-Nafs, now revitalized as Islamic Psychology. This lens underscores the interconnected nature of the mind, body, and soul, guiding our commitment to holistic and comprehensive care. As the community partner of the Muslim Mental Health & Islamic Psychology Lab at Stanford University, we bridge research with practice through offering evidence-based training to equip religious, community, and clinical leaders in addressing mental health crises within Muslim communities. Our mission is to foster holistic wellbeing for all communities by providing culturally sensitive and accessible mental health services, educational resources, and meaningful community engagement opportunities.


The History of Maristans

The Maristans were groundbreaking institutions of healing in Islamic Civilization, dedicated to treating psychological illnesses. They embodied the following core values:

Our Values:

From the 8th Century onwards, the Maristans became a trademark of the Muslim world, transforming the understanding and treatment of psychological ailments. They introduced specialized wards within larger Islamic hospital complexes and later established stand-alone institutions solely focused on caring for the mentally ill.
At our organization, we are honored to carry forward the legacy of the Maristans. We draw inspiration from their compassionate and comprehensive care, integrating these core values into our approach. Our mission is to provide culturally sensitive and accessible mental health services that promote holistic well-being for all.


Maristans & Islamic Psychology

At Maristans, we delve into the profound connection between mental health and Islamic psychology.

At Maristans, we delve into the profound connection between mental health and Islamic psychology.

By embracing the teachings of Islam and integrating them into therapy and counseling, we offer a unique and comprehensive approach to supporting individuals on their healing journey.

Through our work, we aim to promote emotional well-being, enhance spiritual growth, and foster a deeper understanding of the human psyche within the context of Islamic beliefs and practices.


Inspiring Change for a Brighter Tomorrow

At Maristan, we are driven by a clear mission and vision that guides our work:


Provide culturally and religiously congruent mental health services

Create a safe and inclusive space for individuals to explore their well-being within the context of their faith

Break down stigmas and foster a supportive environment

Our Vision

Inspire positive change in individuals, families, and communities

Deepen the understanding of the interplay between mental health and Islamic teachings

Prioritize mental health and well-being

Equip individuals with the tools for leading fulfilling lives

Through the integration of Islamic principles and evidence-based mental health practices, we strive to empower minds and inspire transformative change. Our ultimate goal is to build a world where mental health is prioritized, and individuals have the necessary support and resources to lead meaningful lives.

Upcoming Events

Muslim mental health clinic

Muslim mental health clinic : Maristan seeks to advance holistic mental and spiritual wellness for Muslims by providing religiously-congruent, professional, clinical care through our Maristan Clinic. Our professional clinicians are carefully selected based on their understanding of the rich religious and cultural backgrounds of our Muslim clients.

MUSLIM mental health initiative

MUSLIM mental health initiative: Muslim Mental Health Initiatives at UC Berkeley and Stanford provide customized mental health resources and services. These services include one-on-one mental health consults, support groups, as well as psychoeducational workshops tailored to the Muslim campus communities.

community suicide response training

community suicide response training: A result of three years of research by the Muslim Mental Health and Islamic Psychology Lab at Stanford University, our national religiously attuned 8-hour Community Suicide Response Training provides Muslim religious and community leaders with critical education on suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention.

National Healing circles

National Healing circles: Creating safe spaces to address the mental health impact of emergent crises around the Muslim world and community-focused psychoeducation programs with scholars, mental health professionals, and spiritual leaders who help illuminate our path to wellbeing.

National LEARNING circles

National LEARNING circles: Maristan’s Learning Circles aim to provide regular, community-focused, educational programs to support the holistic spiritual and mental health needs of Muslims. Through these gatherings, we connect with scholars, mental health professionals, and spiritual leaders who illuminate our path to wellbeing.


AFGHAN IMMIGRANT COMMUNITY SUPPORT: Through the Afghan Refugee School Impact (ARSI) & Afghan Youth Mentoring (AYM) Statewide Program grant, Maristan provides a range of direct mental health services, such as counseling and educational workshops, to support recently arrived Afghan youth and families. Our aim is to empower Afghan youth and families to promote wellness and successful outcomes at school and in the community.


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