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Welcome to Maristans, where mental health and faith intersect. Our team of dedicated professionals is here to support you on your journey to holistic well-being, providing culturally sensitive counseling, educational resources, and community engagement opportunities. Discover the power of mental wellness within a supportive Muslim environment.

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Empowering Minds, Transforming Lives

Inspiring Change for a Brighter Tomorrow

At Maristan, we are driven by a clear mission and vision that guides our work:


Break down stigmas and foster a supportive environment

Raise awareness about mental health within the Muslim community and beyond

Create a safe and inclusive space for individuals to explore their well-being within the context of their faith

Provide culturally and religiously congruent mental health services


Equip individuals with the tools for leading fulfilling lives

Prioritize mental health and well-being

Deepen the understanding of the interplay between mental health and Islamic teachings

Inspire positive change in individuals, families, and communities

Through the integration of Islamic principles and evidence-based mental health practices, we strive to empower minds and inspire transformative change. Our ultimate goal is to build a world where mental health is prioritized, and individuals have the necessary support and resources to lead meaningful lives.

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Meet Our Clinical Team!

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Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Saha Jamshed, LCSW

Jamshed is a licensed therapist specializing in depression, anxiety, and marital conflict. With diverse backgrounds, she offers CBT, EFT, and mindfulness-based therapy. Also works with domestic violence survivors. Insurance accepted. Adults, couples, and families.

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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Hamed Fatahian, LMFT

Hamed Fatahian, MA, RMFT, RAPCC, specializes in couple therapy, particularly with the Muslim population. Trained in EFT, he works at New Paths (Couples Recovery Center). Accepts out-of-pocket payments, offers sliding scale and financial aid options. Works with couples, adults, and families (no youth under 13).

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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Nuzhath Quadri, LMFT

Nuzhath Quadri, LMFT, specializes in youth and family therapy. With a Masters in Counseling Psychology, she has 10+ years of experience in school-based programs and community clinics. Offers diverse modalities, including CPT, DPT, mindfulness-based interventions, and play therapy. Accepts insurance and offers sliding scale fees.

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