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Compassionate and culturally sensitive mental health care services. Overcome challenges, achieve emotional well-being. Support for stress, anxiety, depression, and relationships.

24/7 support is available for the nationwide mental health crisis and suicide prevention.

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The Muslim Mental Health Initiative UC Berkeley Story

When Muslim Students Association members at UC Berkeley, with support from the MMHIP(Muslim Mental Health & Islamic Psychology) lab at Stanford, appealed their mental health needs to the university heads, the MMHI was born. The MMHI is running strong in its 6th year at UC Berkeley. Contracted with local community support, Muslim students at UC Berkeley are provided custom-tailored resources and services. This includes one-on-one consultations, support groups, mental health educational talks, and workshops. These programmings are available not just for Muslims, but the entire student body under their Counseling and Psychological Services umbrella.

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What is the impact of MMHI?

The MMHI at UC-Berkeley has inspired similar programs across the country at other universities, such as Northwestern University. Other universities are also in the process of following this model, and we hope many others adopt it as well. The efficacy of the MMHI program continues to be monitored and evaluated in the MMHIP Stanford lab. Instead of searching for easy answers or assuming we comprehend one’s pain, let us extend genuine empathy. Say:

"I can't fully grasp the depth of your suffering, but I want you to know that I am here to support you."

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24/7 support is available for the nationwide mental health crisis and suicide prevention.

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Cal’s Muslim Mental Health Initiative

MMHI - UC Berkeley

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